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The selection of raw material is the main focus of any good company. Olive oil, like any other commodity has a substantial price gap.

Working with the right producer is paramount in this field.

We rely on a harvest that takes place only once a year (at times even none - depending on the weather). 

The long journey starts in May when flowers begin to blossom on the tree. This will be a clear indication of what the next harvest will be like.


The most critical period is from August to September with heavy rains that might bring about pest attacks.  These likely infestations might compromise the harvest in part or in full, which in turn affects the final price of the oil.  

If Mother Nature grants a smooth harvest, then October is the magical month when the first olives are detached from the tree to produce the very first harvest of the year - also know as "Novello" (New Oil). The race begins. It all happens in a matter of weeks. There is no time to rest as once the olives are ready, they need to be picked from the branches and pressed locally within a few hours. This is why this product is so special. Everyone in the family gets involved: from the oldest and most experienced member of the family to the youngest and novice. All contribute in some manner in producing the new oil, and  after a day of hard work they all get together for a warm meal in the evening, served with the fresh olive oil.

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