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Nonno Pasqualino at workUncle Pasquale “Zione”

It all started in my early days thanks to a person,  my grandfather,  he loves olive tree like it was a “family member”.
I remember once when I was a kid and harvest arrived I used a wooden stick to get the olives off the branches as it was quicker with the result of him going mad at me and when asking the question  “why” the answer was simpler than   I could think of,  “now  imagine that I will do the same on you, how would you feel?” very true “Nonno” , you never did that to me but what you have done is giving the passion that you had for the wonderful and ancient product.
Today I still look at the olives flowers during spring and at the actual olives during harvesting with the same emotion and little grin that I vividly remember your expression did.
Thank you “Nonno Pasqualino”

A second big thank you goes to my Uncle Pasquale or like a call him Big Uncle “Zione” for his generous size, he has played a key role to date in selecting the olives while I was away.

Last but not least a sincere thank you to my family for supporting me in this wonderful journey I have embarked

what we proudly produce is

free of colourants, additives and all other things which should not be there

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